Our Story

Imagine Cleopatra sitting in her perfume chamber creating seemingly magical tinctures out of myrrh and frankincense, rose petals and lavender flower heads.  The collection and transport of resins in the far east by camel caravans, and the magnificent flower fields in Grasse in France were as valuable as the spice and gold trade. This ancient art that was forgotten for decades (due to the creation of synthetic perfumes) is making a revival.  Synthetic perfumes may last longer on the skin, but they cannot capture the melding together of natural molecules, the extensive array of rare raw materials, or the complexity of natural perfume that ages gracefully.

With natural perfume, you can be transported to a distant land, a pleasurable childhood memory, a calming place of comfort or evoke sensual longing with just one drop.  When Dr Danica-Lea started exploring these raw botanicals she was astonished to find such depth in the scents.  She also delights in the art of creating handmade tinctures out of rare or unusual raw botanical materials to use in her blending library.  All other natural materials are sourced from reputable suppliers and may be organic or wild-harvested but all are ethically grown and harvested.

Within all of these luxurious sensual blends, is a desire to reconnect people to nature, to discover the intricacies of the miracle that is the botanical world.  Dr Danica-Lea comes from a background of environmental health, research in biodiversity and health (PhD), botanical drawing; and is a certified perfumer (Natural Perfume Academy).  Memberships include the International Perfume Foundation (Paris), InVIVO Planetary Health (New York) and the Centre for Ecosystem Management (Perth).  She hopes that you will feel alive and vibrant, comforted and cherished, sensual and confident, and feel a sense of awe and calmness by wearing Wild Poppy Perfumes.



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You can contact us via email at hello@wildpoppyperfumes.com.au